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RAPHAEL - Singer & Songwriter » Mind vs Heart » What About Us | feat. Skarra Mucci [LYRICS]

What About Us | feat. Skarra Mucci [LYRICS]


What About Us | feat. Skarra Mucci

Dem keep spendin’ too much money, and me see
them belly full. But what about us? What about
us? And dem sendin’ all dem robots, searchin
water deh pon Mars. But what about us? What
about us?

What a bangarang in na dis ya times, equal rights
and justice out of sight. Dem a gwaan so wrong
and dem seh dem right, time to fight, me bullets
are fireing rhymes. No care bout the earth, no
care bout the sea, dem no care for you and no care
for me. Politicians are really the worse category,
dem no give a damn for the humanity.

For so much rich in having diamond so plenty, but
inna dem heart about love it’s so empty. Some nuh
realize about the royalty, of the world and the planet
gave by god only. So dem running down the
goal on diamond and money, and fuss and fight
and act funny. And dem would sell dem soul just
for vanity, while the poor still a live inna poverty.

Dem keep spendin’ too much money, …

So we chant fe de mamas all day hustlin’, fe mek
dem yute go a school and mek dem eat a dumplin’.
So we chant for the fathers, some a fly a farrin.
Work hard save money and send em back a country.
And we chant fe de juveniles, kings and queens.
You deserve all the best this world can give. So
don’t fool around stand up and scream. We are the
future, what about we!

Hear wah! For me know seh dem nuh care, have so
much no waan fe share, and they struggle what we
face, dem must see things seh dat we fear, so dem
spreading whole heap a rumors and war affair, and
whole heap a propaganda weh dem a spread out
there. And the whole f****n’ world dem livin’ in
fear, everybody dem aware about the nuclear, and
the explosion that it would cost out there, so dem
spend out all the money pon war affair.



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