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RAPHAEL - Singer & Songwriter » Mind vs Heart » Time [LYRICS]




Day after day, month after month. Year after year,
decades after decades. Humanity keep falling in
the same mistakes, dem no really overstand what
it takes. It’s like dem driving without lights and
brakes, too much generations feel the same old
pains. Same old madness taking too much brains,
brand new feet wearing the same old chains.

Time, time, time after time, still people suffer with
no nickel nor dime. Blood still a run fe dem war
and crime, brand new song for an old time rhyme. One more time, time, time after time, brand
new leaders for the same old lies. Blood still a run
fe dem war and crime, brand new song for an old
time rhyme.

It’s easier for a flash to hit twice the same spot,
than for a man to learn the lesson at the end
of the plot. So many bakkles we fought, things
never a change, nor the common thought. And so
we see continually history repeating, like the past,
now the same treatment we receiving. Too much
entertainment, people still not thinking, from the
bottomless pit ignorance dem drinkin.

Time, time, time after time, …

Different time and story, spirit is the same. First
dem give you glory, then forget your name. Some a
dem just waste time just fe get some fame, other
people have no dreams ca dem outta de game.
Some a dem too fat and dem cyaan stand up, other
cyann survive ca dem eat no soup. When a election
time come and lies told again, majority believes
and we go more dung the drain.



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