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She Cry [LYRICS]


She Cry

Come back and love me (she said). Don’t try to
leave me, baby. ‘Cause I cry when you’re away. Yes
she cries, every night and day.

I knew women were strange but I never met a
girl like you. I had a pretty wide range, but no
one could make me feel so blue. With you dialog
became quarrel, and the sweetest whisper became
shout. So I packed up all my things and you know
I m gonna cut it out.

Come back and love me (she said). …

She a go drive me mad, when me met her she was
good and now turned bad. Used to mek me happy
but me now feel sad. Sadness may be deeper
than the big lake Chad. Oh girl, there’s no need to
botheration and really there is no need to stress.
So I am telling you good bye, and I move away
from all this mess.

Come back and love me (she said). …



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