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Inna Dis Ya Time [LYRICS]


Inna Dis Ya Time

Inna dis ya time, people sufferin’ so. Inna dis ya
time, ‘cause tomorrow’s not sure. Inna dis ya
time, we still take our time and pray, Jah love
inna we heart endure. Inna dis ya time, youth and
youth no have no dreams. Inna dis ya time, fortyfour inna dem jeans. Inna dis ya time, hang around
with wicked ways and means, bare bad news inna
yuh tv screens.

I beg you wake me up from this ya nightmare, interaction nowadays it’s such a warfare. Too much
people spend their time fuss and fighting, don’t
you see a hate bomb you go lightnin’? Sometimes
me waan fe open up me window and scream, frustration and anger wipe away any dream. Mister
Marley seh, when you gonna get some food, your
brother gotta be your enemy.

Inna dis ya time, people sufferin’ so. …

Downpressor everywhere keep dividin’ and rule,
distract you and rob you and take you fe fool. But
wisdom a something you don’t learn at school, me
nuh call you no sheep just ‘cause your wearin’
wool. So beware, children beware, Babylon look
shiny but nothing really good over there. Beware,
children beware, inna dis ya time you haffe be well

Inna dis ya time, people sufferin’ so. …

Rage explosion, mind pollution. Unfair execution,
dead revolution. No education, bare frustration.
Unemployment, no development.



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