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In Every Style [LYRICS]


In Every Style

In every style, I sing and I don’t repent. Me well
versatile, my love for music will never end. It’s
been a while, but I still keep movin’ on. And even
when you hear me in a different key, I’m still me.

So let’s start from something you don’t really
expect, but you know I love music in it’s every
aspect. Don’t forget Hip Hop pioneer Kool Herc,
nuff respect, Kingston and New York connect. So
straight to the maximum, excellence the minimum, gonna make you vibrate like a tympanum.
And I knew this tune would be a hit, from the day
I got this crazy beat.

In every style, I sing and I don’t repent. …

Now let’s make it R&B, free up creativity. I’m not
posing, just composin’ music, that’s my activity.
And I don’t care how long it takes, I’ll keep movin’
with no brakes. No limits I can see, ‘cause music
set me free.

In every style, I sing and I don’t repent. …

Boom, bang, bam! Take me to the dance fe mek
dem jump and prance. Gimme any riddim and just
throw a glance, me deejay any style, rub-a-dub for
instance. Dis a no romance, realest ting we rise
and tek stance, long time me deh ya and me now
get a chance, haffe bring me ting all around, New
York to Hong Kong to France. It a come from my
soul, and it just take control, from my head to
my toe, deep down to the bone, hear the riddim
and flow, we just rockin’ and roll, we nuh playing
no role, kick the ball and score goal, study hard
and you’ll know, plant a seed it will grow, when
push come to show, you’ll be ready to go. When
everything seems to be lost, you realize that the
storm has passed.



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